Bonnie Mods – TEC Bike Parts Tracker Exhaust and Clutch Dress Up Kit

Published November 25, 2016

The stock peashooter exhaust on my Bonneville really wasn’t fitting the image that I had in mind, and it was far too restrictive.

I wanted to go with a 2 in to 1 exhaust, and Arrow was the first thing that came to mind but after having read so much positive feedback on the TEC Bike Parts exhausts I decided to take a chance on their 2 in to 1 “Tracker” system (a shorter variation that ends just before the lower shock mount.)

The system is VERY reasonably priced ($379.00 US at the time of this post) and along with the exhaust I also added a clutch cable dress up kit to my order for another $49.00.  Shipping from was quick and a very small package arrived at my house about a week later.


The parts were very well packaged in peanuts and wrapped in heavy duty bubble wrap…


The finish of all parts was flawless and there was a folder inside with a printout of the installation instructions.

These new Tread Hunter tires are giving me a good ride, I’m pleased with my choices. Fitting was a simple matter of removing the old system and slipping this one on as per the installation instructions provided.  The only slight disappointment was that there were no jets included in the package and the bike was certainly lean after installation.

This is not terribly surprising though, as I think that most people purchasing this system have EFI bikes now.


My system came with the noise reducer installed, removing it was a simple matter of removing the snap ring and sliding it out.


The clutch dress up kit comes with a CNC bracket to replace the bent metal factory piece, a rubber boot to cover the cable end, and a CNC’d cover to go over the arm that is held tight with two grub screws.  It gives the entire side of the case a much more finished appearance.


All told, installing the new exhaust system and the clutch dress up kit took about an hour and a half and has made a SIGNIFICANT improvement in my bike!

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