DIY – Roller Skate / Skate Board Bearing Cleaning Unit

Published June 22, 2015

Skater-y type people, here is a quick and dirty post for my DIY knockoff of the Bones Bearing Cleaning Unit.

All parts purchased from my local hardware store for a little less than $5.00.

Parts list:

(1x) Round head Stove Bolt, 1/4″ – 20 x 5 [this will come with a nut on it already]

(2x) SMALL Neoprene washers, 1/4″ I.D., 1/2″ O.D.

(9x) Nylon Spacers. 1/4″ Screw, 1/2″ O.D. .257″ I.D. 1/4″ Length

(1x) Wing Nut 1/4″ – 20

Bottle big enough to fit the wing nut and your bearings.

Make sure that your bottle is labeled “2” and “HDPE” on the bottom, that way you can use basically whatever solvent that you would like to, up to and including gasoline.

Drill a 1/4″ hole in the center of the cap of your bottle. Put one neoprene washer on the bolt, put the bolt in the hole. Put the other neoprene washer on the bolt, then thread on the nut and tighten it.

At this point you are essentially DONE with fabrication. Pop the dust caps off of your bearings.

Slide on a spacer, then a bearing, then a spacer, then a bearing, etc… as specified in the parts list, it will hold 8 bearings at a time, and the last spacer at the end is optional.

Spin on the wing nut. Oh, put the open end of the bearing facing up.

Put your solvent in the bottle, put the cap with the bearings on it on the bottle.

Shake that fucker for about thirty seconds. Take them out, spin them all on the shaft, put it back in and shake for another thirty senconds. Take them out and pat dry with a lint free cloth.

Take them off the shaft and dry them, relube them.


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