Hiding your Chameleon boot drive in Leopard and Snow Leopard

So; a friend mentioned to me that he still preferred using EFI-X (insane waste of money, IMO – built out of cheap hardware and stolen code) because it doesn’t show up on the desktop like a USB boot stick does.

Solution. You can “hide” the USB boot stick (protip; this is all the EFI-X does too)

How to:

First, identify the name of your USB Boot stick – in my case I had simply named it “Boot”

fire up terminal and type:

ls /Volumes

this will return a list of your mounted drives.

then simply type:

chflags hidden /Volumes/USBNAME

where USBNAME = the name of your boot drive.

To see the change take place you must restart Finder, again go back to terminal and type:

killall Finder

Thats it! the drive is hidden! To UNHIDE the drive; open terminal again and type:

chflags nohidden /Volumes/USBNAME

again, you have to restart finder.

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